Aegis | Data Center Cooling Assessment with CFD

Data Center Cooling Assessment with CFD

The Aegis Data Center Services Cooling Analysis uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analyze the airflow and temperature patterns of your existing data center. The CFD software creates a 3D model of the physical attributes within the space, as well as the location and performance characteristics of the cooling units, IT equipment, power systems and any other significant equipment within the data center.

Aegis Data Center Services uses the 3D model to analyze the temperature and airflow patterns within the data center and to determine the effects of cooling equipment failure.

The Aegis Data Center Services Cooling Analysis uses the CFD service to provide a complete and detailed thermal review of your data center.

This service involves a site visit by Aegis Data Center Services Consultant who will collect data pertaining to:

  • The physical layout of the space and the equipment in the data center.
  • The data center power equipment thermal dissipation and rack power density.
  • The environmental conditions.
  • The cooling capacity and utilization and air distribution effectiveness.

The Data Center Services Consultant creates a 3D CFD model of the data center which is based on the information collected onsite.

  • This service provides an analysis of a baseline model, an optimized model and a maximized model, which simulates site recommendations.



  • A 3D CFD model of the temperature and airflow conditions in the existing data center
  • Predictive impact analysis of new high density loads
  • Recommendations to optimize the cooling infrastructure

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