Have you found yourself in this position before? You look at your data center and wonder how to improve it? If it could be improved? Can you make upgrades without busting your IT budget?

This is a challenge, but a bigger challenge is not to think about these things and what the unintended consequences are for not getting the full potential of your IT space. Often it’s easier to deal with the day to day operations rather than take a long view, but since the future is where we will spend the rest of our days, we may give it some consideration.

Several years ago, in one of my college classes, we were tasked with the assignment to come up with 10 ideas a week. This sounds easy until you start, but they don’t have to be big ideas or even good ideas just ideas that you write down and compile in a list. They do not have to pertain to data center operations or IT.

I have discovered that sometimes letting the creativity flow, helps me think of solutions for IT problems that never would have occurred to me inside the data center. The beauty of the 10 ideas a week concept is that over one year, you will have 520 ideas, assuming you don’t shut your brain off while you’re on vacation.

520 ideas! For one person, that’s huge. Statistically, there is at least one hundred dollar notion in that list. Now imagine if your entire IT department bought into the concept.

If you have started a 10 Ideas a Week program, I would like to hear about your results; if you haven’t, I encourage you to start. It could be the beginning of the next big thing.