T Goulding Onsite Aegis Data Center Services has over 30 years in the Data Center Industry with experience in all aspects of the data center life cycle. From Design and Construction to Commissioning and Operations, ADCS has covered the globe helping IT customers address their infrastructure concerns. With a background in Facilities Engineering for mission critical environments, responsible for diesel generators, UPS, fire alarms, CRACs, pumps and Building Management Systems to support the white space. Aegis Data Center Services recognized customers were having problems beyond the IT infrastructure and became involved in professional services, addressing IT customer’s power and cooling, operational risks and availability. Spending time with these customers reinforced the perspective that Infrastructure elements Generators, ATS, UPS, CRACs and white space are tools for the IT user to achieve their goals, not the goal itself. That is why we offer assessment services. We understand the constraints IT directors live under–tight budgets and limited resources. Money spent for an assessment, can save sunken costs for a design that will not adequately and efficiently support IT operations. The approach ADCS takes is a vendor neutral methodology that acts as an IT customer advocate. To see how Aegis Data Center Services can help you, please contact us.